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Therapist of noninvasive anti-aging techniques


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facial care training course


the method to improve
and rejuvenate the skin

Body Sculptor

the method that combines
manual therapy
with body sculpture

Yumeiho Therapy

Become a therapist of the most famous Japanese technique in the world, in order to solve chronic and acute pathologies

NaturalBioLifting methods, developed by Dr. Joanna Hakimova, Biologist and Facialist, are techniques that combine the know-how and experience of one of the best-known Facialists in Europe.

Dr. Hakimova, a pioneer Facialist in Italy, has been training professionals in the field since 2006.
BioLifting and Body Sculptor methods are internationally known and featured in the best newspapers and journalistic sites, in addition to being present in top hotels and Medical Retreats in the world.

Our training courses are divided into several levels. To be admitted, you must submit an application and complete the questionnaire. We will contact you for an interview as soon as the questionnaire has been analyzed.

Furthermore, in order to be admitted to the training courses, it is necessary to accept the terms and conditions of participation, which will be sent prior to the course to the candidates who have been selected and have passed the admission interview.



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The Facialist Training Course allows you to acquire knowledge of salon work using the exclusive Biolifting Facial method, which combines manual sculpting with NBL professional products. This path also includes the Self Lifting method, which allows you to acquire the knowledge to become a Beauty Trainer, a professional figure who creates individual protocols to maintain and strengthen the results of the Biolifting.
This path represents one of the most popular professions in recent years, as the demand for anti-aging treatments that can give a natural result is constantly increasing.



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Training of qualified experts on specific face and body care who are able to choose a personalized program for the client to improve and rejuvenate the skin, while taking into account individual ageing trends.
The course is designed for anyone who has a desire to start a new business in the cosmetics, wellness, and professional face and body care industries. It is also suitable for professionals who perform professional treatments in beauty centres, such as beauticians, SPA and medical center staff specializing in manual or equipment techniques.



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The body specialization pathway allows to acquire the knowledge of salon work with the unique Body Sculptor method, which combines manual body sculpting with NBL professional products.
This path allows you to perform body treatments using a customized protocol based on the needs of the client. In addition to working in the salon, the therapist can develop maintenance programs to ensure that the results obtained are not lost.



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The Yumeiho therapeutic method is a manual practice used to maintain or improve health on a holistic level; it consists of a hundred manipulations that the operator performs on every joint and muscle in the body.
It is also known as a “remedial method for the pelvis, massage, and acupressure”, with the aim to restore the balance of the organism. In this manner, it is possible to solve numerous problems by eliminating the cause of the problem at its origin.
Some of these are back pain, headache, cervical pain, gastro-intestinal disorders and articular pains, which are able to improve or even heal with this therapy.
Although it is primarily a preventive technique, it is also extremely effective on already established pathologies, particularly chronic ones.
Specifically, Prof. Dlusski has compiled decades of scientific studies on scoliosis in children, which he will present during the course.

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