Dr. Joanna Hakimova
CEO / Founder

With a Degree in Biology and a PhD (international doctorate) in human physiology, Dr. Hakimova is one of the world’s most experienced Facialists, author of several exclusively trademarked face and body sculpting techniques.

As a scientific researcher, she was awarded the Vivisalute International Prize in 2006 by the Municipality of Milan. She founded the NaturalBioLifting Center in Milan, specialized in exclusive Anti-Aging methods and a line of professional products, with a high concentration of active ingredients, guaranteed by the Made in Italy quality.

Since 2006 she has been dedicated to training professionals in the field, sharing her know-how and expanding the network of centers specializing in non-invasive anti-aging techniques. In 2019, she inaugurated the NBL Academy based in Milan, where NaturalBioLiting and Yumeiho Therapy courses are held.

Dr. Silvia Russo

Dr. Russo is a co-founder of the NaturalBioLifting centre in Milan. She has been working as a Facialist and Beautytrainer since 2016. Graduated in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the University of Milan, she continued her studies with the course of Regenerative and Anti-aging Biomedical Sciences and Technologies (AMIA), and later on specializing in Cosmetic Sciences (UniMi).

Presently, she is engaged in the development of new cosmetic products of the NaturalBioLifting line and also dedicating herself to the training of Facialists and Beautytrainers at NBL Academy, working alongside Dr. Hakimova.

Prof. Maciej Dlusski

Maciej Dluski is a therapist and teacher of Yumeiho® Manual Therapy.
He holds the highest level of training in Japanese therapy, 7 DAN. He is a member of the European Biomechanical Society, the International Research Society of Spinal Deformities, the Polish Biomechanical Society, and the Polish Spinal Surgery Society.
He is the author of several scientific publications on the following topics: scoliosis, pelvic asymmetry, and dysfunction of the center of gravity. He has been assisting patients with osteoarticular and muscular problems since 1989.
He is particularly involved in prevention and therapy of postural defects in children. He runs the Center European Yumeiho where he is the responsible and official Professor of Yumeiho Therapy.

Dr. Chiara Cicolella

Dr. Cicolella has achieved 3 DAN in the Yumeiho discipline, trained by Prof. Maciej Dlusski, whom she assists during his courses in Italy and abroad.
She specialized as an osteopath at the Academy of Traditional Osteopathy in Pescara, where she graduated with highest honors. She continued her university career as assistant and then professor at ICOM in Naples, where she teaches Anatomy and Cranial and Fascial Osteopathy. In Milan she performs her practice in the NaturalBioLifting center.
She is currently involved in cranial and fascial osteopathy training as an assistant at TCIO university in Milan.

The NaturalBioLifting ACADEMY is located in Via Amundsen 7 – 20148 Milan